A Scrumptious Scramble

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Why limit yourself to the same old cereal and protein shakes for breakfast? Not only are they bland and repetitive, but you also have no idea where each ingredient comes from. Here at LocalsOwn, we deliver products from the farmers market to your doorstep that have been grown, harvested, and produced by passionate and conscientious people so that you can create meals that are vibrant, nourishing, AND locally sourced!

Once you have those fresh farmer’s market goods, we are here to help you figure out what to make with them, saving you hours of scrolling through Pinterest to find the perfect recipe. Today we crafted an egg scramble using only LocalsOwn ingredients!

Picture this: fluffy scrambled eggs cooked to perfection, enveloping crispy potatoes, fragrant onions, and bright, flavorful spinach. Sweet, juicy tomato slices mingle with the melty, ooey-gooey pepper jack cheese layered throughout. Creamy avocado slices and a sprig of freshly picked cilantro top it off with a flourish... The perfect savory breakfast; fresh, hardy, filling, and completely delicious!!


Now to try it yourself...


What you need:

drizzle of Tuscan Olive Oil (375 ml) Oliveto Ranch (for pan)

4 Fresh Eggs (1 dozen) JCVBC Egg Farms

2 Yukon Golden Potato from Chavez Farms

1/4 Fresh Shallot (1 plant) Pepper Creek Family Farms

1 bunch of Spinach (1 bunch) Domingo Farms

1 Beef Tomato Cal Poly Fruit Science

1 handful (sliced or grated) of Pepper Jack Cow Cheese Vintage Cheese Company

1/2 Zutano Avocado Righetti Avocado Ranch


**all of these items can be ordered on https://localsownmarket.com and delivered to your doorstep!**


1. Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a medium sized pan

2. Dice onion and add 1/4 of it to the hot pan

3. Cube potatoes and add to pan

4. Cover pan and cook on low until potatoes are soft

5. Add rinsed spinach and cover until wilted

6. Whisk eggs and pour into pan

7. Stir and scrape with a spatula as the eggs cook

8. Add tomatoes and cheese

9. Remove from heat and plate

10. Garnish with avocado and cilantro



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