Cirone Farms

Mike Cirone grew up in San Luis Obispo and majored at Cal Poly in Fruit Science.  After graduation in 1983, he started his first farm in See Canyon.
His primary goal is to provide fresh, local, and tasty fruit that can be found at most farmers markets in San Luis Obispo county and depending on the season, also sold in Santa Monica.
A wide variety of fruit is grown, everything from Fuji apples to the a rare White Sapote, native to South America.

Mike is also a huge advocate of dry farming.  

Dry Farming is the process of relying on rain water as a primary source of irrigation.  Even though California is suffering from a drought, See Canyon is in a prime location and still receives enough moisture for the trees to flourish.  After a few years of irrigation, the young trees are slowly weened off irrigation and can grow on their own.

Check out this YouTube video to learn more about dry farming and the role it plays in the produce bought at farmer's markets.


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